Get Digital Ready

Digital Antenna installations sydney

With digital television now readily available in most metropolitan centres and scheduled to be rolled out across Australia between January 2010 and December 2013,we are well placed and prepared to assist customers with getting digital ready and obtaining the best digital reception and viewing enjoyment.

The Australian Government has regulated that the existing analog transmission system is to be switched off by no later than 31 December 2013, so the need for consumers of all types to start addressing their reception situation in a digital environment is becoming more important.

Through its broad range of specialist data and reception services,  We able to assist customers get ready for digital transmission.

  • Upgrading existing antenna systems
  • Installing new antennas for digital reception
  • Upgrading cabling and other equipment items to best digital standards
  • Testing digital signal strength and quality
  • Setting up and tuning in your TV
  • Undertaking assessments of your existing infrastructure for digital reception
  • Single and double story dwellings comercial premises
  • setup and installation of your internet connection to your TV
  • Australian communications media authority Cabling Licenced
  • Phone and Data Points

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