What is a main distrubution frame or MDF ?.

The Main Distribution frame ( MDF )is a interconnection point between the customers cabling and the carrier. Regardless of who  your Internet service provider  is you will have to engage the services of a private licensed cabler or telecommunications technician to complete the service.


FTTB  Fibre to the Basement and FTTN Fibre to the node Jumpering

If you have connected to the NBN network on fibre to the basement or fibre to the node technologies  and been advised that the service is tagged to the MDF give us a call we will connect this though to your apartment 


Has your Internet company advised your line is connected to the MDF ?.

This is a very common occurrence you will usually receive a text or email with the following comments .Your service has been  connected and tagged at the MDF on as an example vertical A  and a pair 6. You will need a private licenced cabler or phone technician to complete  A to B jumpering at the MDF to get service to your unit.
We do mdf jumpering for all carriers TPG,IINET,OPTUS,INTERNODE,DODO and many more This is where we can help by jumpering your service at the mdf. Once this is completed we will check back at the appartment to ensure your ADSL is working. If the service is not working we will use test equipment to find where the problem may be.

Fully Licensed Telecommunication Technicians/Phone Technicians

We are fully licensed and insured