NBN VDSL system speed Check

 Is your ADSL or NBN Service working to its optimum best?. If you are not sure and would like us to come out and check your existing cabling and run tests. Give us a call to arrange an inspection and we will check your NBN or  ADSL speed at the first socket or property entry point . If there is a big difference in speed between your first socket and existing modem socket we will advise on the best course of action.Sometimes it may be as simple as removing a extension that you no longer require or replacing  a old telephone socket. or it may require the installation of a ADSL or NBN central filter. Before any decision is made we will show you the difference and let you decide. Give us a call and we can discuss whether this is a option that may suit your premises.


Alarm Systems & ADSL NBN Dropouts

If you have a home alarm it may be connected to the phone line. It can be setup to dial out  as a back to base type system or can be set dial out to a mobile phone  number. Both systems can cause havoc with your ADSL. Common symptoms would be slow ADSL speeds and internet dropouts. This is where the installation of a ADSL central filter is commonly required. In the case of NBN VDSL this system works differently either a mobile or a connection to phone port on the NBN modem is required for the alarm to dial out.

Phone Sockets

Old telephone sockets can also be a issue especially the old 610 phone  sockets (yellow in colour 3 pronged ) you sometimes find that they have corroded This is evident when the cover is removed and the contacts and screws are green. The newer type of phone socket the RJ 45 can also corrode this can be seen by looking at the gold contacts of the socket. You will notice that they are green or black. Again you will get the typical symptoms crackling will be heard while you are on the phone and slow ADSL speeds and dropouts.

Telephone extensions 

Telephone extensions also fall into this category as sometimes they can breakdown and are unable to support the ADSL service.  Although you are still able to make phone calls it just won't support the ADSL from the same phone point, you can also use the ADSL or NBN service from other phone points in the premises adding to the confusion.The biggest problem that we find that will affect your NBN or ADSL speed is phone cabling joined incorrectly under buildings or in the roof space.

ADSL Central filter installations



 This is an area we specialise in .We use the c10/100e ADSL central filter or for NBN services VDSL central filter/splitter and find it resolves the issues surrounding star cabling and back to base alarms.



NOTE by getting a central filter installed there is no need to put inline ADSL inline filters on every phone or piece of equipment which is another advantage of getting one these installed.  This work must be performed by a licensed cabler.